Our system applied in the glove industry. A real successful story.

Humans and technology work together.

Since the first outbreak in December 2019, millions of lives have fallen under the severe destruction of Covid-19. It has disrupted plans, shifted priorities, scrambled existing networks, and made us all acutely aware of the fact that we cannot predict the future.

Humans and technology work together.

But looking on the bright side, the global pandemic is a boost to human’s awareness of their own life quality; meanwhile being a motivation to develop pioneering products, including gloves, that help reduce threats and keeping people safe.

We deliver products that are rooted in science and endorsed by professionals.

The first few months of the pandemic exposed the fragility of the global supply chain on which the medical supply industry has come to rely on, and presented scammers with the perfect opportunity: the growing and urgent need for protective equipment all over the world. Gloves, gowns, masks were all essential products in high demand by the people in the front line.

In a market dominated by fraud at every corner, we’ve created a new and trustworthy glove brand from scratch. The continuous improvement of work processes was mandatory for our collaborations.

We looked at our system as the best solution for trading safely.

We travelled to China to meet the Chinese supplier.


We met the manufacturer as planned.


We went to the factory and visited the production lines, we saw all the work equipment, as well as the way employees work.


That gave us a chance to take pictures and videos during production.


After setting up all the details, we signed the contract with the customer and the manufacturer.


As a final step before the production begins, we’ve ensured that a delegated employee will supervise the entire production process. This way, we’ve prevented any kind of issue that would have occurred during production.


At each delivery, our team member constantly took videos and photos during loading. Furthermore, at the customer’s request we had factory tours and live video calls with the customer.

0 risks

We trusted the system to be functioning and accountable. Using everyone’s brainpower to drill it down perfectly, we worked as a team and proceeded each aspect of the process in order to minimize the risks.

This system helps us moving forward and going as far as we possibly can. It allows us to work more efficiently, smarter, and strategically.

Our numbers speak louder than us.
8.9 million

boxes delivered between 2020 and 2021

6 milion

boxes per month (glove production capacity)

$8 million

2020 turnover

100 milion

per month (medical gown production capacity)

$64 million

2021 turnover

$8 milion

deposit has been paid to secure a contract with the manufacturer and 32 production lines

Innovation with purpose.

While COVID-19 has created new challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs starting new companies, one pressing challenge has remained unchanged: keeping your word. The pandemic has made the transition from product to sales even more complex, as markets, compound sources, and priorities have shifted. We essentially built an international company from scratch because we created, prototyped, and optimized a product, figured out how to produce it, and got it shipped to customers who needed it quickly.

Inspire new victories.

Every pair of gloves counts, every delivered box counts, every man safety counts, and every small victory, every day, is essential. EDMA remains one of the very few companies with a unique business model designed to support clients at such a high point in the value chain.

EDMA offers a robust mix of quality, knowledge and resilience.

With the consistent use of innovative materials as pure nitrile, EDMA’s products aim to enhance health care service quality. “Clean”, “Modern”, “Friendly”, “Durable”, “Safe” and “Lasting” are also the attributes being delivered in each of our well-crafted products.

A healthier tomorrow.

EDMA creates solutions that improve medical workers’ daily activities and patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care. How? Simply eliminating double gloving, using higher than 92% nitrile concentration to produce medical nitrile examination gloves. We diversified our business and wanted to leverage its presence in oncology, creating a new glove line dedicated to cancer care. This new line has been tested and approved for 29 chemotherapy drugs.

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