Edma Trading

A reliable global trader.


The trading system we developed combines transparency and efficiency to ease the purchasing process in an increasingly active market. This means it can be applied in any niche market.


Depending on the demand, we’re the providers for every client’s need. We find a perfectly tailored solution in any industry.


We partner with clients to put the recommendations into practice and work directly with them over the long-term.

We looked at our system as the best solution for trading safely.

In a market dominated by fraud at every corner, we’ve created a new and trustworthy glove brand from scratch. The continuous improvement of work processes was mandatory for our collaborations.

8.9 million boxes

Ensuring a safe and stable working environment for healthcare workers all over the world

$8 million

Turnover 2020 - the beginning

$64 million

Turnover 2021 - a fast growth trajectory

$100 million

Medical gowns per month-providing stability through a solid and reliable product and supply chain

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We are constantly growing and improving. Your questions are our priority to build a healthy transparency.